Lysenko, L., Abrami, P., Dagenais, C., & Janosz, M. (2014). Educational research in educational practice: Predictors of use. Canadian Journal of Education, v37 n2

Lysenko, et al. discuss the problem of, specifically the lack-of, applied research in educational practice. Every aspect of the situation is addressed, from opinion to policy. Citing abundant sources, the authors attribute the problem to a wide spectrum of factors creating an environment where educational practitioners are left with no choice but to choose one (research or practice) or the other.

Amidst the presence of (but not necessarily evaluation of) available literature by other researchers, Lysenko and her peers reported on their own study. Gathering questionnaire responses from 66 Quebec schools with respondents from a variety of demographics, the data was compiled through a quantitative methodology using Likert scale answers and analyzing variance. Topics of interest included Research-Based Information (RBI), expectancy theory, evidence-based practice, and attitude-behavior association.

The study is research-heavy, with not only newly-gathered, but an organized assembly of existing data. It does speak to a lack-of data, and a potential for some of the limited existing data to be somewhat invalidated due to changes in emphasis, however this article is a library of resources in itself. It will be useful whenever a source is needed in the area of educational research and practice. It also may be of use in behavior-related research.