Gilmore, R., Adolph, K., Millman, D., & Gordon, A. (2016). Transforming education research through open video data sharing. Advances in Engineering Education, 5(2), 1-17.

The authors recognize the immense value and potential in sharing raw video data in the evaluation and advancement of human learning development. The problem occurs in the privacy concerns of sharing personal recordings of trainees. There are technical, practical, and ethical concerns, as well as some cultural issues that need to be addressed by researchers.

The article is research-heavy and spotlights multiple attempts at addressing the problems. The main focus on the article is, a project existing specifically to overcome the barriers they have identified. They go into depth to explain the fundamental structure of the open-source repository, and are enthusiastic about its features. Unfortunately it appears they are blinded by additional challenges they haven’t considered.

In simulations research, this is highly relevant as a topic, but their solution would not apply. This is especially true in law enforcement where training records are dumped immediately following simulation due to concerns over the recorded material being subpoenaed for use in trials where officers may have performed questionably on duty (possibly as a result of ineffective training practices). Nonetheless, the concept is relevant to behavioral research in simulations, and the commentary and support for the significance of observable behavior in large amounts of publically available data could be useful.