Schuck, S. and Kearney, M. (2006). Using digital video as a research tool: Ethical issues for researchers. Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia. 15(4), 447-463.

Schuck and Kearney highlight the effectiveness of using digital media as a research tool, and seek to contribute to the discussion of possibly problematic issues and ethical considerations when using it. The literature review discusses the importance of understanding how to use new technologies, and stresses to researchers that they need to be aware of ethical implications and be increasingly critical of data sources. There was no apparent thesis to prove or disprove— the article seems to be serving as a warning only.

Data collection and dissemination are the two areas where the researchers found issues. One of their collection issues was deciding what to record. They also found the ability to misrepresent or modify the data was a serious implication.

The article was poorly organized, continually backtracking to insert ideas that should have been presented earlier. Their methodology for research was more like a freethinking experiment, intending to generate ways in which the research could be problematic. This is not an article I need to reference again.