Raymond, A. Jacob, E. Jacob, D. and Lyons, J. (2016). Peer learning a pedagogical approach to enhance online learning: A qualitative exploration. Nurse Education Today. 44. 165-169.

After summarizing the benefits and increasing popularity of online learning in adult and professional learning environments, Raymond et al. introduce the idea of peer learning as an effective strategy in adult education. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the opinions of students learning in a peer group online experience. They used a qualitative questionnaire to gather opinions, and analysis was performed through observation of patterns, themes, and a frequency count of key words.

The study resulted in categorical grouping of data according to common themes presented in the answers: learning preferences, convenience, and other issues. Data revealed a wide variety of learning preferences due to variance in student demographics. Convenience of online learning was supported by the respondents, although it is not clear if peer learning (the subject of the study) was a factor in the convenience of the method. Other issues presented included varying levels of satisfaction with, or understanding of the technology itself.

There are a few formatting and fundamental writing errors which distract somewhat from the content. The writing style was difficult to follow due to lack-of fluidity, and could have been presented with better transition between thoughts and data. The results of the study seem irrelevant and inconclusive. One aspect which was useful, however, was to see how answers could be assigned numerical codes or values from a questionnaire where the answers were not T/F or Y/N.